Chamois hunt in the Carpathians in Romania. Hunting chamois in the Romanian Carpathians.


Hunting chamois of the Carpathians in Romania, is one of the hunts that every self-respecting high mountain hunter must at least once in his life make this magnificent hunt. The Carpathians is a mountainous system of 1,600 km in length and about 150 km in width, it is the second longest mountain range in Europe, where the chamois finds its perfect habitat.

The area that we hunt presents a good density and a magnificent quality of trophies, so much so that the average we shoot is minimum high bronze, silver, always being all the chamois that we shoot medals.


The best dates to hunt the chamois is from October 10 to November 10, since it is when they are in heat and there is more movement to be able to hunt good trophies. The guarantee of obtaining a medallable chamois is almost 100%, the area has a good density of chamois, and the quality is very high.

The physical condition of the hunter must be medium-good, you have to climb up paths for 2-3 hours, until you reach the upper part of the mountain, where you can already see the chamois, which is normal every time Up is having the option to fire several homologous chamois.

We stayed in rural hotels near the hunting area, comfortable, comfortable and full board.

It is a hunting that could be combined with fallow deer and wild boar in Hungary, since there are few hours of travel by car.


With us you can catch rebecho in Carpatos

The program includes personalized assistance by specialized hunting guide. On-farm reception, documentation control, permits and authorizations. All transfers within the farm, during the hunt. First preparation of the trophy , hunting requisites, documentation of trophies, seals …

The program does NOT include personal extras. Everything not specified in the program includes. How to make the reservationTo make a reservation you will need to contact us, to see availability of dates, close the specific date and then you will be given the number of account to make the reservation. As a reservation, the hunter will pay 25% of the total amount of the reserved animal and the rest at the end of the hunt. In no case will any hunt be considered reserved, without having paid that amount.



The accommodation are typical rural hotels near the hunting area, with normal quality, like a 3 star.


Hunting license

The hunting license and insurance of the country is managed by us.


Hunting season

Consult, as there are permissions for damages throughout the year.que hay permisos por daños durante todo el año.



Our team will accompany you from your departure from Spain, until the rover leaves your car in the hotel parking lot, where you will be picked up and leave once the hunt is over.

tipo caza

Type of hunting

Maximum warranties. Adaptable to any hunter. We await hunting from wooden hut.


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