Roe Deer Hunting in Spain

Hunting roe deer in Spain.


Roe Deer Hunt

Stalking European Roe Deer means to hunt an animal which is relatively small compared to other types of deer in Europe. In addition, this animal is different not only because of its size but also because if its pecularities. 



In order to hunt roe deer you should know some points and think on them while hunting. This animal feeds in the same places at the same time every day. It feeds mainly on grass, leaves and young shoots and it particularly likes very young tender grass with a high moisture content.

Hunting European Roe Deer is not as easy as it seems. There are not many animals as skittish as the Roe Deer. Any bird, movement of the wind or trace of a sound makes them look toward that direction and as soon as something seems a bit threatening off they go.



That is the reason why hunting roe deer from far away and getting closer undetected is very difficult, but not impissible. You can make use of rocks, trees or different angles, always taking the wind into account and find you away towards the deer.

As we are seeing, hunting European Roe Deer is not easy so when you decide to hunt it, we will check out where they come from, at what time and when they leave and which way the Roe Deer follows. After that and before the hunting experience, we will plan on the hunt for you.

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