Driven Hunting in Spain


Driven hunting in Spain. Traditional Monteria.

Driven hunting is the oldest and most traditional Spanish hunting. In Spain, there are different types of driven huntings, but they are mostly for red deer and wild boar, although some times they are also for fallow deer or mouflon.


Regarding the organisation and developing of the dpanish driven hunting, it is the following one. All hunters gather up in the morning to have some traditional Spanish breakfast before being randomly assigned to a stand. The hunting ground is surrounded by hunters, who are in their stands distributed in different lines.


Once the hunters are ready, a herd of of around 200 dogs are let loose to frighten the game to where the hunters are located. Dogs and beaters will start moving throuh the bushes and forest toward the line of hunters until the end of the estate.


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All our stalking or hunts will be signed by contract, before starting to hunt. You can consult the General Conditions of the Pigs by clicking here, these are the ones that govern all our stalks unless the specific offer specifies otherwise. These rules must be accepted by any hunter who contracts with us and must be signed, before starting to hunt.


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