Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain

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Southeastern Spanish Ibex & Sierra Nevada Spanish ibex is smaller and lighter in color than the Beceite and Gredos types, but larger and darker than the Ronda type. Southeastern male’s horns rise vertically and lean out and back in a simitar form with the tips inward, Although the keel is smooth, making horns grow proportionately with age (one ring per year), horn size and shape vary considerably from place to place.



Southeastern Ibex lives in groups in separate herds, one composed of females and young males and another composed of adults males. This last group only approaches the female one during the rutting season in November – December, when spectacular flights can be observed between adult males for group hierarchy.


Andalucia has gorgeous landscapes and rough mountain ranges. Due to that, andalucia has the greatest amount of Spanish Ibex in our country. What is more, all the mountain ranges are inhabited by this kind of Ibex.

The hunting area is a few kilometers northeast of Granada, in a `place called Sierra Nevada, which is considered the most emblematic mountain of the hunting of this type of Ibex.

The biotope that you will find in this area is large and varied, having the opportunity to meet many species of the high mountain.

The densities os this subspecies are much smaller than those of the ibex of Beceite or Gredos, so it must be admitted that it is a real challenge to hunt a great trophy

Sierra Nevada ibex trophy is one of the smallest, fairly curved, just like the Ibex of Ronda.

Sierra Nevada is a mountain range in the region of Andalucia, in the province of Granada and, a little further, Málaga and Almería in Spain. It contains the highest point of continental Spain, the third highest in Europe, after the Caucasus Mountains and the Alps, Mulhacén at 3,478m above sea level.

It is a popular tourist destination, as its high peaks make skiing possible in one of Europe’s most southerly ski resorts, in an area along the Mediterranean Sea, predominantly knows for its warm temperatures and abundant sunshine. At its foothills, is found the city of Granada and, a little further, Almería and Málaga.

This animal lives in rocky mountains between 1000-2200m, so a good physical condition is required.



The best hunting season is in November or december.

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Southeastern Ibex Hunt Map.

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Southeastern Ibex hunting Spain, Sierra Nevada Ibex hunting Spain, Sierra Nevada Ibex hunt, Southeastern Spanish Ibex hunt, hunting area Southeaster Ibex, Hunting area Sierra Nevada Ibex2

Enjoy Spanish gastronomy while hunting.

You could enjoy of the good mediterranean food, we´ll take you to the most emblematic restaurants of the zone where you could enjoy a wide and wonderful gastronomy.


Other complementary activities.

If during your stay in Spain, you want us to take care of organizing some day of leisure and tourism, or maybe while you are hunting you want us to take your friends, wife or family to do another activities around the zone, you just have to say it!


Typical celebrations and visits of Spain.

In addition  to the turism sometimes we coincide with regional parties, festivals and traditional days in towns around the hunting area, we can go to visit some of this festivities or interest places including beaches.


Accommodation in the hunting area.

Regularly we choose three or four stars hotel, although on occasions the hunting zones there are very remote places and accommodations are more normal to do not go on long distance by day, we certify that all of them are up to the hunter’s expectations. We will give you a treatment with all the comforts that will make you feelin home by the most modern and thematic accommodations in the area.

Your comfort is our happiness.


3 hunting days/ 4 night, full board accommodation and a Southeastern Ibex Hunting in Spain, no limit points, included.

It is included.

  • Full board accommodation.
  • Hunting the specified animals.
  • Personalized attention with a specialized hunting guide, including 3 hunting days.
  • First preparation of the trophy, hunting certificates, documentation of the trophies, seals …
  • An interpreter per group. Whole hunt day.
  • Transportation from/to the airport from/to hotel and hunting area.

It is NOT included

  • Extra personal desires.
  • Plane tickets.
  • Gun rent: €60/day , ammunition €5/bullet
  • Tips to the profesional hunter and his team.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Personal extras.
  • Everything which is not included in the programme.

Reserves and payment:

  • In order to reserve, the hunter has to get in contact with us in order to choose the date. After that, we will give him/her the account number in order to pay a quantity of the total price.
  • In order to reserve, the 25% of the total price has to be earn, the rest will be paid when the hunt finish. Until the company does not receive the 25% of the money, the hunting will not be reserved.



Top quality accommodation ***


Alicante. Consult us other airport.


Hunting seasson

15th october from the 15th april. The best moment is in november-december. It is necessary to consult the dates.


Hunting zone

Albacete, Murcia, Almería, Sierra Nevada (Granada)

tipo caza

Type of hunting

Hunting is done by stalking. Free range.

Medium physical condition is required. Shoot at 150-180 meters.


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