Hunting in Romania: Offers

Hunting in Romania, we have a very contrasted and varied offer to hunt in Romania, from wild boar waiting or batidas, to large bears, fully guaranteed. In Romania hunting is totally natural and wild. Romania leaves in each of those who hunt in their forests, unforgettable memories, during the hunt for their different species and in particular those who have hunted the largest and most intelligent predator that exists, which is the brown bear. Romania is a unique destination, which combines, plains, large forests and high mountains, hence its hunting variety is so wide in the same hunting area.For hunting in Romania is required to be over 18 years, have permit of arms in the country of origin and a Romanian hunting license that we will manage for you. Romania belongs to the inter-community market of the export and import of weapons, this is executed with the presentation of the European permit of arms, together with the arms to the customs authorities. Although the most comfortable and easy is to travel without weapons, as we can provide rifles and shotguns of various sizes. Our hunting facilities in Romania, are of the highest quality. The food is prepared with typical local game dishes, you eat very well. The areas in which we hunt in Romania are of a very high quality, as well as the density, the hunts are fully insured and guaranteed.

Romanian Hunting

Wild board, Chamois, Fallow Deer and Red Deer are some of the animales are allowed to be hunted in Romania.

In JJ Gomez Caza we provide a hunting trip in Romania that consider all the hunter needs. Also is an unique chance to discover a nice country with beatiful landscapes and tradicional dishes like wild board platter, bear stew with mushrooms and more.
If you want to participate on a tradicional hunting in Romania, contact us. You deserve an a romanian hunting, enjoy it!


Hunting offers in Romania

We’ll show the best hunting offers in Romania